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Workshop Preview: Tico Farm Tour. Monterrey, Costa Rica

April 9, 2010

Enrique, Margaret, Eric, and Jesse. Monterrey, Costa Rica

When I was putting together the schedule for our September photography tour in Costa Rica, I looked for excursions that would give our students a real feel for this beautiful country. That’s why I am so excited to take our students on the Tico Farm tour.

Jesse riding a bull. Not exactly rodeo, is it? Monterrey, Costa Rica

We will be traveling with our guide, Enrique, to a local farm that belongs to his nephew Eric. As guests on this beautiful farm in Monterrey, Costa Rica, the students will help feed the animals and learn how the dairy farm works. We will head down to the pond and catch tilapia for our lunch. Jesse and I learned how to make homemade corn tortillas during our last visit to the farm. Our students will also have the opportunity to learn how to make cheese while we’re there.

Enrique and Jesse with a tilapia too small to eat. Monterrey, Costa Rica

A beautiful table for lunch

I’m proud to be able to introduce our photography students to these gracious people and give them a taste of what life is like in Monterrey. There will be lots of opportunities for environmental portraits of Eric and his family, as well as lots of animals to photograph. This will be a great chance to practice your visual story telling.

For more information and online registration visit



I had to throw in this shot of our buddy Don building trust with the goats! Monterrey, Costa Rica

All photos by Rob Knight with Nikon cameras on Hoodman cards.

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