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Using the Black Rapid DR-1 Double Strap with Really Right Stuff L-brackets

January 14, 2010

There was only one reason I didn’t order a Black Rapid DR-1 Double Strap when I fist saw one: there did not seem to be a convenient way to use the DR-1 with a Really Right Stuff L-bracket. Yes, you can attach the fastenR-2 to the RRS bracket, but you have to remove it before you can clamp the bracket onto your tripod. I asked the Black Rapid guys about this at Photoshop World and they didn’t really have any suggestions. I emailed David DuChemin to ask his ideas when he mentioned the DR-1 on his blog. He said that he uses a loop of para cord, but I’m not that confident in my knot tying abilities.

I had come up with a possible solution when my wife bought me a DR-1 for my birthday (she digs me). The solution I came up with is very simple, and I wish I had thought of it sooner. I attached a small metal keyring to the strap boss on the L-bracket. I used a small ring that came off of an old 35mm camera strap, but you can find rings like this at the hardware store. Of course, this will also work with the single Black Rapid straps.

Now I can use the DR-1 and my RRS brackets at the same time. I can unhook the camera and clamp it to the tripod without having to unscrew anything or removing any parts. The cameras hang at a slightly different angle this way. It doesn’t cause any problems that I have seen, although you might want to loop the ring around the other side of the L-bracket on the camera you will carry on your left side.

The Black Rapid DR-1 works exactly as advertised. If you regularly carry two camera bodies I can highly recommend this system. I have also found it convenient to carry a camera on one side of the DR-1 and my tripod on the other side. This might not work with a heavy tripod, but it works great with my carbon fiber Induro C213.

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